Affordable secret Santa gifts for your work colleagues


As the festive period draws in, companies up and down the NZ specifically Auckland city will start to sort out secret Santa. Names will be going into a hat; workers will choose their names and budgets will be set. If you work in a large company there is a good chance you are going the to get someone that you don’t know particularly well if you do, it is going to be difficult to choose the right present because you probably won’t know what they like.

This is a common scenario when a company organizes secret Santa and if you have to buy a present for someone you don’t know, you are going to have to keep the Santa gift quite general. The first thing you should do is explore online and see what types affordable of secret Santa gifts are available; at best gift organizations you will be able to improve your search to get a list of presents that meet your requirements. So you can make sure you are looking gifts that are deemed to be good options for secret Santa and are priced under £10.

You could always go for some sweets and chocolate and there are themed jars available such as chocolate balls shaped like various sporting equipment. There are also sugar free cake in Auckland that you can buy. Most people like music so why not consider some Road coasters with memorable and unique images from the iconic musical venue.

You work with this person so what about a gift they can use at the office? Nobody likes a cold cuppa so a USB coffee warmer would be a great gift and usually priced at around £8 which should fall in most budgets. You can also find a desk tidy that will help them make sure their desk is kept neat and tidy at all times, or how about a paperclip car to make sure all their paperwork is kept in one place. A to-do list mouse-pad would be a great purchase for your work colleague for secret Santa as well.

The flying monkey is a great gift especially to break the monotony of office environment and get everyone exited and worked up. It really flies and screams and you can send this thing from your desk to any other desk and it will do the screaming for you when you cannot.

If you pick someone that you know well then you can be more creative with your secret Santa gift but if you do get someone you don’t know then presents that can be used in the office are ideal because they will be able to utilize it on a daily basis, who knows you may even become friends. See what gifts are available for Secret Santa by searching online today.

Cake and Co is the solution to all your problem when it come to secret Santa gifts. We offer services like cake delivery, cake supply as well as cupcake delivery in Auckland city. Rely on us in case you need services from during this Christmas eve or visit us on our website for more information regarding our services.


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